EB400 CNC Spark Forming Machine

1. High-strength, high-precision T-shaped machine structure, durable.

2. Excellent discharge circuit, high efficiency, low loss, and uniform and delicate processing surface.

3. X, Y, and Z axes all use precise linear guides and ball screws, and each axis has been laser-corrected and compensated to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.

4. Uses Japanese AC servo motors with direct drive structure, no noise, no backlash, and stable transmission.

5. Special processing circuit for graphite, no carbon buildup during processing. Rapid and stable mirror finish processing.

6. It has various measurement modes such as end face positioning, angular positioning, center positioning of cylindrical columns, center positioning of holes. It also has various combination swing modes such as free swing, quadrant swing, and three-dimensional swing.

Technical ParametersEB300EB350EB400
Work Table Size(mm)600x400600x400600x400
XY Axes Travel (mm)300x212352x252400x350
Z Axis Travel(mm)272272350
Max. Distance between Work Table and Electrode   Mounting Plate (mm)657657786
Min. Distance between Work Table and Electrode   Mounting Plate(mm)385385436
Max. Electrode Weight(kg)252525
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg)400400400
Inner Diameter of Oil Tank(mm)980x640x410990x640x450990x640x450
Working Fluid Tank Capacity(L)500600600
Distance from Table Top to Max. Liquid   Level(mm)245260260
Machine Body size(LxWxH/mm)1560x2150x22251650x2350x23501520x2500x2500
Machine Body Weight(kg)230025002600
Power Supply Capacity(KVA)11
Input Voltage(V)380
Max. Processing Current(A)50A
Best Surface FinishRa≤0.1μm(<500mm²)
Max. Processing Speed400mm/min
Min. Electrode Consumption Ratio≤0.1%
Controller Weight(kg)500
Controller Size(mm)1390x540x1830
Z-axis Resolution0.001mm
Display19inch LCD   Touch Screen
Min. Drive Unit0.001mm
Storage & Communication MethodsUSB &   LAN PORT