The brand new HB1200 large-specimen middle wire cutting machine helps you make a big splash in your career! And it's even more convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly to use. SanGuang has once again perfectly integrated the slow wire cutting technology into the HB large-specimen series of servo-controlled NC middle wire cutting machines, combining high-precision multi-cutting technology to achieve unprecedented processing capabilities. Now, you'll no longer be limited by the weight and size of workpieces. The HB large-specimen series expands your business! 

The Y-axis is placed behind the X-axis in a T-shaped table layout, improving accessibility throughout the table surface. The separate bed frame is made of rigid hard connections to ensure that the YX axis right angle plate remains unchanged permanently. With a large travel and height (600/800 optional), it comes with a ladder step, and the bed frame sheet metal design has a step area for easy operation. 

The super-large load capacity 

Which ensures that the machine can withstand a maximum weight of 5 tons, and the T-shaped bed frame table, column, and other critical castings are made using high-strength resin sand casting technology, with the entire design made into a large, thick-walled box-type casting. The bed frame interior is designed with several vertical dividing ribs that run from top to bottom, providing the bed frame enough rigidity and strength!

It adopts imported high-load extended tension guide rails, which can ensure the continuous processing of heavy parts and large molds weighing up to 5 tons. It can complete the base cutting of 3D metal printed parts in one setup. 

The five-axis uses imported high-power AC servo motors driven by imported coupling joints to achieve frictionless transmission with the imported screw, effectively improving transmission accuracy and eliminating reverse errors. At the same time, it adds a lower arm anti-collision function to prevent damage to the machine tool due to technical reasons such as accidental operation. 

The table is equipped with a movable modular clamping device that can be moved to multiple positions to achieve installation and clamping according to the actual situation of the workpiece. 

The one-key elevating electric water tank guard door provides full protection against splashing and dripping of cutting fluid, with a three-sided opening design that allows for unobstructed operation and loading/unloading of workpieces.

The 200L large-capacity multi-stage filtration coolant tank can effectively reduce the temperature rise of the coolant; it provides a guarantee for preventing large parts from expanding due to prolonged EDM processing. It uses an automatic lubrication device and a multi-point quantitative distributor to ensure that every automatic lubrication can deliver sufficient lubricating oil to the lubrication point. The waste oil is collected through the oil collection circuit to ensure that there is no pollution on the ground.

Control System

The forward-looking design philosophy of the control system and the extensive use of slow-wire technology bring unprecedented processing performance, achieving processing reliability and consistency on the basis of high efficiency.

1. Powerful Pulse Power Supply

An efficient and energy-saving pulse power supply that significantly enhances machine performance, with maximum cutting efficiency of up to 300mm²/min and optimal surface roughness of Ra≤0.6μm, with a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to older models.

2.Four Axes (X Y U V) AC Servo Control

Four-axis (X, Y, U and V) AC servo integrating low-speed wire cutting technology and combined with four-axis ball screw and linear guide brings unprecedented accuracy guarantee and substantially improves taper machining performance.

3. Unique non-electrolytic power supply technology

High-speed non-electrolytic power supply inhibits electrolytic corrosions,prevents “softened layer" and improves surface quality.

4. Visual and intelligent man-machine interactive system

a. Parallel compensation, clearance angle setting, program image, corner optimization, scaling and other super functions make operation easy.

b. Laser ranging calibration and pitch compensation data is open in a real-time way.

c. X axis and Y axis can be randomly exchanged to adapt to different machining states and working habits. Movement speed of wire controller is freely set.

d. Built-in programming graphics. automatically prepared machining code programs and multiple CPU functions realize simultaneous machining and programming.

e. Multi-coordinate system function scan rapidly switch between workpieces.

f. Tracking of machining information and machining monitoring ensure safe unmanned operation.