Product Description:
1.Close-loop control
Imported Linear Scale with THK Ball Screw, which realizes long-term accuraccy guarante.
2.LRT1 Intelligent Pulse Power Supply
LRT1 not only achieves high roughness finish,but also enures high productivety and high efficiency.
3.Easy to use
Using ergonomic design of the operation panel and interface,based on Windows XP, Touching Screen,Easy to use and learn.
Linear Scale imported and Close-loop system
THK Guide Way and Ball Screw
Grundfos pumps
5 Axis AC servo system
Inverter imported
Windows XP
Touching Screen and Mouse


Worktable dimension(L×W)1120×820mm
Worktable Stroke(X×Y)800×630mm
Z axis Stroke360mm
Max. workpiece height350mm
Max. workpiece weight1200Kg
Max. cutting angle/height±20°/100mm
Max. cutting speed≥300mm2/min
Max. cutting current 25 A
Best Roughness FinishRa≤0.4 µm
Machining methodFlushing
Wire Diameter range0.15 ~0.3 mm
Machine dimension(L ×W)3450×3520 mm
Machine weight5600Kg